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We are the Euregional Sustainability Center (ESC). Experimenting, researching and innovating together on euregional sustainability topics.

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The goal of the center is to promote sustainability, energy transition and circular economy in the border region through cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Students, researchers and entrepreneurs work together in the living labs and a research group on projects where applied research is carried out and knowledge is valorised. The Euregional Sustainability Center is an initiative of Fontys University of Applied Science in Venlo, together with various Dutch and German knowledge institutions, companies (associations) and governments, with a focus on the Euregion Rhein-Maas-Nord.

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Are you interested in this collaboration, please contact the projectmanager.
T: 06 14617611

Fons Claessen
Project Manager

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Living Labs

The Living Labs are hybrid learning environments in which practice and research are intertwined.

Circular Manufacturing
Research concrete challenges of manufacturing companies within the border region. Next to this we aim to help shape sustainable solution directions for those challenges.
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Healthy Spaces
In the Living Lab Healthy Spaces, we want to involve students, researchers, businesses, and the local community to address questions affecting our living and working environment.
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