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We can only do it together. Do you participate in experimenting, researching and innovating together on various sustainability themes that play a role on both sides of the border.

Where sustainability, climate and circularity used to be vague concepts, it is now clear that we must radically change our behaviour in order to avert a humanitarian disaster in this century. The transition to a non-fossil, circular economy is an urgent and complex task for society and certainly also for the business community. Our social and economic system and the way in which we produce and consume need a major overhaul.

Working together

New forms of economic behaviour can only take shape in a joint effort between governments, knowledge institutions, the business community and other stakeholders. National borders are of secondary importance here, because it concerns an international task.

Let’s work together

Working together on themes that will make a difference for your company? Join one of our Living Labs or research projects. Submit your project idea using this link so we can start our collaboration.

We look forward to working with you in one of our Living Labs or in our cross-national comparative research group. You will work with students, teachers and researchers from different universities on crossborder topics.

Living Labs

The Living Labs are hybrid learning environments in which practice and research are intertwined. This also includes intervision and personal coaching. We teach you skills to initiate and/or help implement transitions based on personal leadership. You will be trained as a ‘change agent’, in particular by working interdisciplinary and practice-oriented, so that you can also initiate these transitions in the business community or society.

Students of all levels can participate in the Living Labs, from your own educational module, which can be a thesis or internship or, for example, a minor. We offer two different Living Labs: Circular Manufacturing and Healthy Spaces. Interested in participating in a Living Lab? Sign up here.

Cross-national comparative research group

Are you particularly interested in research, specifically into the differences and similarities on both sides of the Dutch-German border? Then the Cross-national comparative research group is the place to be: register here.

Let’s work together

Interested in participating in a Living Lab, or the Cross-national comparative research group?

Student’s portfolio

Here you can find internships, research positions and PhD positions that fit within the Euregional Sustainability theme.