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Circular Manu- facturing

Research concrete challenges of manufacturing companies within the border region. Next to this we aim to help shape sustainable solution directions for those challenges.

Did you know that the manufacturing industry in Europe can save up to €550 billion a year on raw materials if it is organized according to circular principles?

Closing raw material cycles is particularly important for the manufacturing industry, because many companies in this sector are dependent on certain critical raw materials.

We focus especially on those challenges that are either already identified as an aspect of circular manufacturing (reduce, re-use, repair, remanufacture, redesign) or challenges whose solution direction can be found in making materials flows, production processes, energy use, etc. more circular.

Too abstract for you?

Think about following questions as examples:

  • Is it feasible to replace some of the primary raw materials I use now with residual materials from other manufacturers?
  • Can I find companies in the region that can utilize the residual streams from my process, so these create value rather than cost (as waste)?
  • Can the lifetime of our machines be extended by remanufacturing parts or sub-assemblies?
  • Can our company bundle forces with others to come to a more optimal sourcing strategy?
  • Can our production process use residual heat from a neighbouring company?
  • How do I need to change my business to comply with EU legislation that will be introduced within the next 5 years?

It is quite possible, maybe even likely, that you do not formulate your question as a question of circularity, but that looking at making a process more circular is part of the solution. Let us help you come to grips with the required transition!

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to discuss your challenges and we’ll explore it together (you, researchers, developers, students) we can work on the answers to your challenges.

Ronald Jansen
Project Manager

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