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How does temperature and air quality impact the performance of pupils?

Research in Maastricht has proved that increased CO2 level in classrooms affects negatively pupils performance in tests. Based on that, the Living Lab Healthy Spaces would like to investigate the influence of other physical factors on learning performances. The following two questions are in focus:
1. To what extent do these physical factors affect the pupils performance?
2. How does the presence of a green wall affect these measurements and the well-being of the pupils?

To answer these questions, we offer two workshops to schools, which will also contribute to the learning of STEM disciplines.

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Contact Some organization details of the workshops can be flexible and adapt to your needs.

Euregional Sustainability Center

More sustainable production process for DWL-WOLF GmbH

Students of the Living Lab Circular Manufacturing are doing research at the company DWL-WOLF GmbH to make their production process more sustainable. This company also produces insulation material for the steel industry. The students take a closer look at the entire production process of this material and then talk to the customer about prioritizing the improvement projects. What are the quick wins and which sustainability steps can best be taken afterwards and why. This project was partly realized with the help of Armin Möller of WFG Kreis Viersen. More news about this project will follow.

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